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Beyond Bullets and Fonts: 5 Trends in Presentation Design

It goes without saying that in 2024, with new technology, the world is changing pretty fast. And it’s no surprise that the world of presentation design is also constantly evolving, introducing new trends that redefine our approach to visual storytelling. At Wonderslide, we pay close attention to these trends, which is why we have identified 5 presentation designs that are the big hits today. Using tips from this article will elevate your content from just “another presentation” to something your audience will always remember.

Dynamic Data Visualization

Sure, data is crucial for most presentations, but let’s be honest, the usual charts and graphs can get pretty dull for your audience. Nowadays, dynamic data visualization in a new format is the way to go. It transforms all that complex information into visuals that are not only engaging but can also tell a compelling story. Instead of sticking to boring bar graphs and pie charts, try playing around with icons and shapes that can also show data in an eye-catching image format.

See how different data visualizations could look if you’re aiming to show a correlation between items or concepts: it could be a bar chart, speedometer dashboard, icons of humans, or stairs in 3D format.

Minimalist Design Aesthetics

The timeless design principle of “less is more” still holds true today. The minimalist aesthetic trend is all about clean lines, simple shapes, and a focus on core content without overwhelming your audience with too much information or visual clutter. This approach not only makes your presentation look sleek and modern but also ensures that your audience’s attention stays on what’s most important.

Example of slides for health couch presentation in minimalist aesthetic: plain colors and readable elements.


Another key trend shaping presentations is storytelling. Gone are the days of dry, bullet-pointed slides. Today, weaving your data and insights into a narrative can captivate your audience and make your message memorable. Use your presentation to take your audience on a journey, highlighting challenges, solutions, and successes through a storyline. Incorporating storytelling elements like characters, conflicts, and resolutions can transform your presentation into an engaging experience.

You can use a character set to tell audiences a story through it. This businesswoman can represent you or your target audience. Place her image on different slides and deliver a message through her appearance.

Source: Freepik

Interactive Elements

Engagement is the name of the game, and interactive elements in presentations are on the rise. Whether it’s live polls, quizzes, or Q&A sessions, adding interactive features can turn a passive listening experience into an active participation. Technologies like AR (Augmented Reality) are also becoming more accessible, allowing presenters to immerse their audience in the content like never before. By integrating interactivity, you’re not just presenting information, you’re creating an engaging dialogue with your audience.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Lastly, as global awareness of environmental and social issues grows, incorporating themes of sustainability and social responsibility into your presentations can resonate deeply with audiences. This trend is not just about the content itself but also about the design choices that reflect these values, such as using green slide backgrounds or visuals that highlight social impact. Presenting your brand or message as not just innovative but also conscious of global challenges can foster a stronger connection with your audience and set you apart from the competition.

An example of a presentation slide for a clothing company that decides to present itself to a new audience by mentioning its efforts to reduce its environmental impacts.

Source: Slidesgo

By integrating one or more of these trends into your next presentation, you’re not just sharing information but creating an experience that resonates long after the last slide. At Wonderslide, we always have trend templates, elements, and icons to use, ensuring that your presentations are not only up-to-date but also beautiful and engaging, just pick what you need and create something extraordinary!