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5 Unexpected Ways You Can Use a Presentation

When you hear “presentation,” your mind might conjure images of boardrooms and business suits. But what if we told you that presentations can be your creative playground? Let’s take a look at five unexpected and imaginative ways to incorporate presentations into your daily life, adding zest and fun to the ordinary.

The Night of Presentations with Friends

Move over movie nights; consider hosting a PowerPoint night with friends. Each friend can create a short, entertaining presentation about a topic they’re passionate about—be it a hobby, travel adventure, or even a quirky skill. It’s a funny way to share interests, learn from one another, and turn an ordinary get-together into an extraordinary experience.

Using presentations with friends.
Source: Alexandra Baranciau

Trip Itinerary

Transform your travel planning by using presentations as dynamic trip itineraries. Include details like daily schedules, maps, accommodation information, and must-visit spots. Add visuals, such as pictures and videos, to give your travel buddies a vivid preview of the adventure ahead. It’s an efficient way to organize information and ensure everyone is on the same page for a memorable journey.

Travel planning by using presentations.

Book Reviews

Move beyond traditional written book reviews and create a presentation to share your literary insights. Include key themes, favorite quotes, and even a visual representation of the book’s world. Whether it’s for a book club or your personal blog, a presentation adds a visually pleasant element to your book recommendations, making them more interesting for your audience.

Daily Planner

Turn your boring daily schedule into an organized day planner. Create slides for each segment of your day, incorporating to-do lists, appointments, and reminders. This personalized day planner not only keeps you organized but also provides a quick visual overview of your day’s activities, helping you stay on track and focused.

Weekly agenda slide


Give your wishes and aspirations a tangible form by turning them into a presentation. Create slides for each goal or desire, including visuals that represent your aspirations. Whether it’s a dream vacation, a new skill to learn, or personal development goals, a wish list presentation serves as a powerful visual reminder of your ambitions, motivating you to work towards them.

Why limit yourself to the boardroom when you can use presentations to bring a creative touch to everything you do? Break away from the familiar, explore the unexpected and rethink the way you present ideas. Wonderslide can help you do just that.