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Our new feature – the Color Picker

Colors are more than just visual elements; they are powerful conveyors of emotion, brand identity and engagement in presentations. In the previous article we broke down how to choose presentation colors, today we’ll talk about how our color picker works to make your job easier. 

Let’s talk about the new feature. Color Picker allows you to choose colors from an extensive palette, giving you almost limitless options.

Here’s how it works:

How Does Color Picker Work

Wonderslide’s Color Picker is user-friendly. It offers you an extensive palette of colors, providing almost limitless options for your designs. 

To use it follow these steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Color Picker tool in Wonderslide.
  2. Browse the color palette or enter a specific HEX or RGB code to make an accurate color selection.
  3. Experiment with different color combinations to find the perfect match for your presentation.

Wonderslide’s Color Picker is your path to accuracy, brand consistency, creative freedom, visual appeal and color combinations. Improve your presentations by choosing colors that resonate with your message and capture your audience. With Color Picker, the possibilities are endless and the impact is huge.